Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Teaching stranger danger

Over the last few weeks we've been trying to deal with a issue with the toddler which we seem to be getting nowhere with. We thankfully have a rather friendly loving toddler which is no problem at all, until it come to strangers. You see Oli has become way too friendly with people he doesn't know, he likes to run up to people he doesn't know and exchange words or hugs with them which is what we're even more concerned about.

Say for example we arrive in a park and there's someone there with their child, he will happily play wit
h the child but he will run up to the parent/person and hug them. He's done the hugging a few times now and I'm not to sure how to nip this in the bud and which way to go about it. There's a small part of me which thinks this is sweet and rather cute of him but a even bigger part of me has alarm bells going off. It's a stranger, someone he doesn't know and he wants to hug them and play with them. How do I draw the line and explain to 2 year old who doesn't quite understand that this is wrong?

He did it in the supermarket to a small girl which hugged him back, both we and the other set of parents thought this cute and didn't think much to it. But was that wrong? Should I of told him off right there for that? How do I say there's friendly and there's over friendly? He's always with us especially at this age so he's never left alone where something could potentially go wrong but am I not to snip this in the bud now before it could turn into something more then just hugging a stranger.