Thursday, 8 September 2011

Single Parents Are Brilliant

First of all a huge thanks to Emma for letting me borrow a bit of her blog space to just highlight a new campaign that I have started. To read about the campaign please click on the logo below.

I have been a single parent for 2 ½ years to my now 3 ½ year old little boy, there are good days and days that are a bit harder. But that is no different from any family regardless on the amount of adults under the roof.

I am a strong believer that parenting should never be a competition, for how your children are developing, how little sleep you are getting, how many teeth they have and just how hard work it is. This campaign in not about saying that single parents have it harder, have to work at it more, are more tired etc.

What it is about is just acknowledging that if a child for whatever reason only has one parent at home that does not automatically mean that they will be a rioter/delinquent/hoodie/rude/under-achieving/word shy/missing out/a thug (I could go on with that list)

So many single parents are currently feeling that just because there is only one of us that society is making assumptions and putting labels on our children, labels that these little ones will have to see and grow up with. And that is really not fair on anyone.

So I have given single parents a place where they can express how brilliant they are and the difference they are making to their children, to show society and the people in charge of the country that they should not make assumptions, that our children should not be judged and labelled.

If you are a single parent please join in, add a comment or , or of you know any single parents please send them the link.

I am also looking for any media/pr people to help me spread the word so if you can do that please