Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Curiosity got the better of me

So you know the other night I blogged about One Born Every Minute and how I really wasn't sure if I wanted to watch it? Well my curiosity got the better of me and I watched it. It was only after I was half way through and saw no way of going back that I actually realised why I didn't want to watch.

First there was the reminder of what is to come, both good and bad! You get all that pain and gosh how I cringed in pain when I saw how big that first baby was. 10lb!! Then you have the whole screaming out aloud happening, which as I said to the man is just simply unavoidable when it feels like you're trying to squeeze a rugby ball out of your bottom sideways. But then look what you get at the end, this tiny little person which you've made and have been carrying for the last 9 months. As I pointed out to the man, look at how calm the women are after once they have baby in arms, they just look so mellow.

Secondly was the tears, not the tears they were sharing but the tears I was spilling! Of course being pregnant and being extremely hormonal (seriously, I'm currently writing a blog post about how tv adverts make me cry!) I just couldn't help but to cry. I cried at the fact the first bloke was too busy caring about his stomach & the footie scores when to the second bloke who only got to spend one day with his baby girl because he was flying out to Afghanistan the next day to serve for his country. I cried at the memories it bought back for me, the second birth was exactly the same as Oli's and this made me really emotional. Serious sobbing tears was coming from this sofa!

Lastly was what the mans reaction would be to seeing all of this, he was so much more eager then me to watch this series. I knew from the moment the first labour wasn't going too well that he would be frightened, you see I'm wanting a home birth (yet another separate blog post on it's way!) but he would much rather me be in a hospital. See for him it's all about having the emergency equipment all at hand, being in a hospital environment is what he would prefer. I'm not wanting that at all, I'm wanting this baby in a home environment. He was much more on board just before we moved and lived just minutes away from the hospital, now we've moved back to a town where we don't have a hospital in town so it would be a longer ambulance ride away. Seeing the girl get rushed into another room and then seeing baby needing some help freaked him out.

But you know what? After all my hesitating, I'm glad I watched! Even though all the critics are saying they pick the TV you want to watch, well duh. We wouldn't be tuning in if we were going to see someone fart and out pops baby. We want to see all these different labours because at the end of the day that is pregnancy and labour, each single one is different. Some go smoothly and some don't, it's just what happens. I've gone into this pregnancy much more open minded then I did with Oli's, I know things can go wrong from the moment you conceive until the moment that baby is out of you. My first labour was a 5 hour, no problems with gas & air. This time could be completely different though I'm hoping not with the planned home birth. I do have huge faith in my my fantastic midwifes and the NHS, maybe that's a separate blog post alone but I do know I'm in the safest of hands.