Sunday, 15 January 2012

Second Hand Buys - Introducing my new weekly post

I've decided to start myself a weekly post challenge, all I seem to find myself blogging about lately is pregnancy and toddlers. Shocking huh? Thought I would throw something else in the mix for you to read about and for me to blog about. I failed the whole new years resolution I set myself of blogging everyday, maybe every other day would of been more achievable.

I have no shame what so ever in saying that I am a HUGE fan of charity shops, ebay and anywhere else where you grab bargains. I actually kinda enjoying shopping in these places more then your average high street shops.

Cleaning out some of Oli's toys this week and actually selling some of them on for ££ left some money so I treated him to some bargains. Trying to keep up with his toddler trends these seems to be what his new goodies are based around. We got this TY Spongebob, one of his new favourite TV programs. Bargain price of £2.

Next bargain was this fantastic Scooby Doo set for £5, I'm thinking I could of knocked them down a little more but thought it a steal as it was. He's already lost one of the figures, sure I'll find her down the side of the sofa/in the washing machine/in one of my shoes.

He's into games and puzzles now so have been trying to find toddler friendly games that we can sit down
together and play. Just had to have this crocodile especially when I got it for only £2. I had one as a child and had many laughs with my brothers, you press down on the teeth hoping that your not the one who gets the mouth snapped down on them. Oli thinks this is hilarious. Good buy mummy.

Am including a linky in case you got any great second hand buys this that you want to
share. I'm sure I'll be back next week in week 3 with a whole post full of things.