Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Finding the best deal

Leaving it up to the man to pick things like home insurance really is a bad idea, he's rubbish at getting the best deals. He's one of those people who says yes to whatever comes along first. He's actually banned from answering the door to salesmen, last time he opened the door to one we nearly ended up with new guttering. Would of been good but we only just had it done 2 weeks before.

Where as my husband is a sucker for saying yes without looking around for the best deal, I do. The first place I head to when entering a shop or a supermarket is the bargain section, I guess I'm the same when it comes to things like my utility services, why go for one which costs more the another? Might as well go for the cheaper one enabling you to save money which could spent on much better things like shoes the kids. Take home insurance for example, how do you find the cheapest quote?

Usually for me it's online and I guess the best way to compare home insurance is using a comparison website. These take all the hard work away from you trying to track down each website and find a quote for yourself. These kind of websites will do all the hard work for you and usually display the quotes side by side allowing you to compare and seek out the cheapest. In today's world we really shouldn't be paying more if we don't have too.