Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Big Latch On


The Big Latch On


Breastfeeding Mother's


Friday 3rd August & Saturday 4th August 2012


All over the world! Find your nearest location here.


Groups of breastfeeding women coming together at registered locations around the world to all latch on their child at a set time. All the breastfeeding women and children are latched on for one minute at the set time and are counted by the witnesses. The numbers are added up and we see if we can beat previous Big Latch On records or maybe even the world record! Lots more questions and answers here.

I'll be attending the Big Latch On event happening in Birmingham this Saturday, the 4th August. It's happening in at 10.30am with anyone participating needing to be there for 10.00am to be registered. There's for anyone wanting more details. If you're local to Bristol, Circus Mum has blogged about it happening at The Downs whilst Diary Of A First Child has organised one at . But please do check out The Big Latch On website to find a location near you.