Thursday, 23 August 2012

How to flatter your figure

After giving birth to your baby you may feel like you want to get back into shape but don’t have time to visit the gym, nor spend hours tiring yourself aimlessly in shops looking for clothes which hide your tummy. Well look no further, invest in a corset. It’s simple, sexy and trendy. But I’ve just given birth I hear you scream, a corset has no age limit, in fact every woman should experience wearing one.

Corsets don’t just flatten your tummy they also make your waist smaller so it is a nice way to smooth over those lumps and bumps. The steel boned-corset is the perfect way to do this, to make you look fabulous.

Now you spend more time every morning dressing your kids and forget about yourself. You are a yummy mummy so why not feel like one?

There’s no need to worry about what the latest trends are. Corsets often spell vintage so it’s a win win. This season’s brands include Calvin Klein, Myla, Ultimo and Vintage styles.

When to wear a corset:
  1. Casual for everyday use
  2. Night in
  3. Night out
  4. Evening out
  5. Family trips

Underneath that little black dress for your date:

  • It will make your waist look smaller and complement your figure

Why not wear a black corset with a pencil skirt or a pair of wide leg trousers

  • You can make multiple uses out of your corset.

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