Monday, 6 August 2012

Choosing a new bed

We're currently going through the process of choosing ourselves a new bed, we thought we would treat the house (and us) to some new furniture this year. A new bed being top of our list. Now before we added a new member to the family we were just looking at buying a new double bed but since Dylan came along and decided that joining us in the mornings for a couple of hours, just before having his big brother also come and join us has given us a longing for a bigger bed. I think if we're going to add any more members to our family then a much bigger bed is needed.

We've been looking at all kinds of beds of all shapes, sizes and colours though one brand that particularly stands out is Silentnight. They really do sound like the experts when it comes to beds and purchasing a new one. The
Silentnight website alone has lots of information on all the different types of beds you can buy and where you can buy them from. It also has a handy sleeping tips section in case your struggling to get a good nights sleep.

Not only do they sell adult beds they also so children's beds, allowing you to get
everyones beds at the same time. And if like me you've just had a new baby and am wanting to use a older siblings old cot then Silentnight sell cot mattresses so you can easily replace the mattress giving baby that new mattress feeling.

To me a great quality mattress is more important then the actual bed itself, I need a comfortable nights sleep. Especially after a long day with the children and you just cant wait to crawl up to the one place your guaranteed to have some 'me time', that's of course until the morning when little legs come in to kick us around and starfish.