Thursday, 9 August 2012

Clothes shopping doesn't have to be stressful

I have two children as most of you know and along with children comes the responsibility to dress them and that of course means shopping for clothes. Since doubling my number of children I've not been a big fan of going anywhere like to the shops, I remember the days when shopping used to be fun but now it's spent trying to battle a pushchair through aisles and trying to find a toddler who finds jumping through rails of clothes to be a rather fun game. Not so fun for me though, meaning we usually leave the shop buying nothing.

Of course you can always find clothes for kids at Tesco whilst doing your weekly grocery shopping, both kids for me are usually strapped into the trolley so no chance of escaping and with the toddler I usually let him take a toy with him to keep him occupied. So not only do you have somewhere to put those kids but you also have somewhere to put the clothes. For me it's all about being hands free, if you're not having to juggle a pram in one hand and a toddler in the other then you're free to browse clothes rails.

Back up plan for me though is always shopping online which you can also do with Tescos who have a website especially dedicated to clothes. You get the handy option of free collection from your local store though for me I like sitting back and waiting for it to get delivered straight to my doorstep, I guess this is why I do my grocery shopping online half the time too! Not only do you have free collection from store and free delivery on orders over £50 but if you need to send back a item for any reason then you get the luxury of free UK returns. See clothes shopping doesn't have to be that stressful, even with kids in toll.