Sunday, 26 August 2012

More laid back the second time around

So with the birth of my second child I became rather more laid back when it came to my parenting. I knew what was to come in the form of the baby days and how to look after a newborn, though reminding myself and getting familiar with it was rather new at first but then it was like getting back into a routine. Those horrid nappies were no biggie and I even felt comfortable trying to bring up wind, I was so nervous about doing that with Oli.

Even night times I've become more laid back, I'm not constantly listening out for his breathing or watching him in his moses. And even the baby m
onitor has continued to stay in it's box as I've left the bedroom door open so I can hear that way if he wakes up. I've even had the odd shower whilst Dylan has been strapped into his bouncer.

You see the second time around you don't
quite treat them like china dolls. Knowing what you're doing is a great feeling, makes you a less nervous parent and maybe even a better parent. I'm tuned in more to his needs and can usually can tell what he wants from the first whimper. Guess I was laid back from the moment I fell pregnant, I had most baby thins already so didn't have the stress of having to buy anything. I knew that I didn't need to get the moses basket set up until just a few weeks before I was due.

I know so much more about being a parent now, I've made mistakes and learnt from them. I know about teething and toddler tantrums, I've picked up tips and learnt for myself how to deal with them. This means I can approach these steps with Dylan with a 'bring it on' attitude. Of course I'm not going to be the perfect parent, who is? But I will take a more laid back approach to it this time.