Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Butlins Ambassador 2012-2013

We as a family have been lucky enough to be chosen as a Butlins Ambassador for 2012/2013. We've been chosen to attend a Butlins venue of our choice to go along for a few days and then report back our honest feedback. Now we're already big fans of Butlins and we've already taken Oli there as a 1 year old and last year when he was 2. Am very excited to be going along this year with Oli being another year older, each year he's been getting more & more out of it. This time around I'm expecting him to take more of a interest in the fairground rides and the character shows on stage.

Our holiday has been booked at the same time as my birthday (I may use this as excuse to visit the spa) and whilst the kids are all back at school. I'm making the most of not having school aged children which would mean no term time holiday if they were. I have been showing Oli previous photos of our last visit to help him understand that we're going back here. He was rather pleased about the beach so that's all we're hearing about at the moment.

Here's a list of all the other Butlins Ambassadors over on writings, ramblings and reviews who's also a Butlins Ambassador. I really do look forward to telling you all about the new Wave hotel down in Bognor Regis. Have you been to Butlins recently? Would love to hear all about it!