Monday, 30 July 2012

My child needs Speech Therapy

I've not really touched on this subject before, I guess what with a pregnancy which kept me on my toes and then having Dylan come along it's not been something I've thought to blog about. Oli's speech has always been something of a issue since he started talking which was rather late but then I'm a believer that every child will do things in their own time. He did start to talk but words are not as clear as they can be, he's got much better over the last year and I do think pre-school has kinda helped but it didn't spark off as much as a improvement as we thought it might do.

One of the first things we did when we moved back to our local area was to get in contact with the local health visitor who said she would refer us to speech therapy as well as arrange a hearing test. Well we didn't hear back and then I got ill again with
the pregnancy, everything just seemed so hectic that we just didn't get around to chasing them up. No letter ever came. It was only when a Health Visitor was here doing Dylan's first check up that she picked up on Oli and questioned us about it that suddenly within a couple of days we got letters with appointments.

I am looking forward to talking and working with a professional for Oli's speech though I cant help but to be nervous, which is confusing me. Why am I nervous? I know this is nothing to worry about and I've heard lots of stories about children who needed speech therapy to help them, my little brother was one of them. I know it's nothing I've done wrong either so I muddled to why I feel this way. Since the letters come through, we went to the hearing appointment and as I guessed his hearing was perfect but then I knew this and I know that the only problem is the speech.