Sunday, 29 July 2012


I got tagged by the lovely Merry over at Patch Of Puddles who wanted me to share a picture which to me says childhood. Now I could of picked a photo of either of the boys or one of them together or even one of from when I was younger but I didn't, instead I chose a photo from my husband's childhood. Just recently his sister shared some photos from their childhood on facebook, some of him as baby, some rather embarrassing ones and some from his various birthday parties each year.

In West Africa children don't get birthday parties, they don't have cameras to catch those embarrassing moments and some children barely make it through childhood. I've already started to teach my toddler not to take things for granted, he may shout drink and within minutes he's sat with a glass of squash. Children on the other side of the world may shout drink but they wait longer then minutes until they receive one, much longer.

WorldVision have until the 30th August to make the most of their matched funding from DFID. Every single £1 will be doubled by the government. It’s a great time to donate some money and know it will go to funding long term projects that will rescue lost childhoods and put hope into the future of West Africa. We need to raise awareness and get people putting just a few pounds into that fund and make the most of the matched funding.

What you can do. Blog!

Find a picture that says childhood to you, from your childhood or your own kids and blog it. Add words about what childhood means to you if you wish.

Add it to the bloghop below and feature the bloghop code too if you wish.

Make sure you tell people about the matched funding opportunity at DFID and include the link*/giftId/62/

We’re trying to double the impact, so tag two people to join in. You don’t have to wait to be tagged to join in though.

Tweet, Facebook share, Pinterest, G+ and use the hashtag #LostChildhood if you can.

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