Monday, 16 July 2012

That first tough night

We had our first tough night last night with Dylan,
one of those nights which at the time seemed to of lasted forever. I know I had some rough nights that first week in hospital thanks to his tongue-tie which had him wanting to feed 24/7, leaving me with just a couple hours of sleep in 3 days. That was tough, especially when I didn't have the man there to help. At least last night I had him around to help. It seems that Dylan has caught his Daddy's man-flu and wasn't a happy chappy, he just wanted cuddles off either of us. At the start of the night we were taking it in turns,I was feeding and comforting, Daddy was making sure his nappies were kept dry. I slept whilst he cuddled him. It really was one of those nights.

Come 4am, I said enough for Daddy. He needed to go to sleep so that he wouldn't be too tired for work. It's ok for me because as tired as I would be I get the sofa to slob on with him. So today that's what we're doing, slobbing. Dylan's still wanting lots of comforting and wont go down, so he's in my arms as I type. He's feeling very sorry for himself, bless him. This is where I'm glad of having a toddler of a self sufficient age though. He's got a all day access to the TV, we've currently had a morning of Spiderman so at least my entertainment has been half decent. He's been fab at helping me grab stuff and has kept me hydrated whilst his brother naps on me. Though he seems to find it hilarious that Mummy is drinking from his cups. May of been a tough night for me but the boys know how to get me through the day.