Monday, 23 July 2012

Dear Daddy

We thought we would let you know what we've been up too today whilst you've been hard at work.

Well we started off having breakfast in the garden, this was of course after waking up just before 10am. It seems your children have inherited your love of lie ins. The toddler played whilst me & the baby sat and had a feed. I think he enjoyed having his food outside too.

We then left the house for a random adventure with the toddler leading the way, baby went off to sleep. I think it's too hot for him as he's still asleep now though I'm sure he'll be awaking soon for a feed. Somehow we ended up at the park, no surprise there. Though we also went and saw the animals at Pets At Home as we usually do, I do think when we move we'll have to get him a fish. Sadly they don't sell clown fish, we did have a good look for that Nemo fish. We then went flower shopping at Homebase, Oli picked out a sunflower which has made me feel rather guilty for forgetting to plant one with him this year.

I promised him that we could get the paddling pool out when we got home, this enabled us to leave tear free from the park. Of course the pool came out, I may of drowned our kitchen floor in the process of filling it up. We really do need to invest in a hose. The sand table has also been lovingly abused today, we may have half our house now buried in. This will keep us entertained come the next BBQ. Which reminds me that I really should get it out to give it a good scrub though I do think this should be your job. Anything garden related should be serviced by you.

Of course it hasn't been all fun & games, I have done a few loads of washing this morning and have it all out and hanging. Some clothes have even been put away, I wont lie to you and say I've ironed any because the ironing board is still in it's wrapper, where it's been since you bought it for me several months ago. The house is spotless and I've even had a run around with the hoover. Though this time I was careful not run over any Jurassic Park extras.

I'm off to chase a naked toddler around the garden, have a fun evening at work.