Monday, 9 July 2012

Spot the difference

Let's play a game of spot the difference with two companies I've ordered from recently.

Now here's what I ordered from ASDA..

And this is what I received...

This is what I ordered from House Of Fraser...

And this is what I received...

Notice the differences?

The reason I've taken to online shopping is that I really just cant be doing with the hassle of one baby and one toddler outside the house by myself, I'm slowly getting further away but the thought of a train ride to our nearest decent town actually makes me shiver in fear. Even if I had the man with us to help, I would only have to put up with his moaning too so obviously online shopping is the way forward for me. If only it was.

My house of fraser delivery would never of been seen if it wasn't for my next delivery being placed in our bin and a slip being posted through my door telling that it was in there. I had nothing telling me the house of fraser delivery was in there, that almost got lost to the recycling men. I also had another delivery the other week which was left in front of my door for the whole world to see, anyone could of walked off with it. There was me thinking online shopping/delivery was less hassle. I was so wrong, so now I've gotta get in contact with both ASDA & House Of Fraser to let them know I've been sent the wrong items and that I would like the correct ones which I ordered and paid for.