Monday, 9 July 2012

My BabyHuddle dream list

That's just some of the items I would purchase is of course money was no object, seeing a competition over on Tots100 asking us to create our own wish list of 7 items over on babyhuddle promoted me to create my own, want to know why I would pick those objects to be on my dream list?

Trunki Gruffalo Ride-on Suitcase
Me and the toddler have only just read the Gruffalo for the first time, what better way to grow his love for the book then this rather cool Gruffalo Trunki which would come rather handy for his own bits & bobs when we go on holiday.

Medela Double Electric Breastpump
Why pump one boob when I can pump two at the same time? This would give me more time to tweet spend playing with the boys. It will make expressing much quicker.

Ozbozz Flashing Scooter
With a new baby around the toddler may feel slightly left out, what better way to make it slightly easier by giving him a treat like a new scooter.

Your Baby Week By Week
I may of done it all before but I've totally forgotten everything! What better way to remind me then reading about it week by week.

Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer
I'm currently having to warm up milk by running it under warm water, this would make that job much easier. They're also great at warming up food, much safer then microwave.

Safe and Secure Metal Playpen
Sometimes I just want to go to the toilet by myself with a baby on my hip or a toddler gawping at me. Maybe this might be the solution!

Fisher-Price Rainforest Gym
I love colourful baby play mats and Fisher Price so this is both combined, can just imagine my baby learning to interact with those colourful animals.

By blogging about this competition I'm allowing you to join in, YES YOU. If you create your own blog list over on Babyhuddle and tag it with my blog name (Me, The Man & The Baby) you'll be entered into a competition to receive £100 towards your dream shopping list. Plus if you win, I'll receive a bonus prize of £100 too! Win, win all around! Let me know if you create a a dream list so I can go and have a nosy.