Thursday, 19 July 2012

Own a baby boy? Then you should own a pee cap!

These pee caps actually make me giggle, I remember seeing them a couple of years ago and thinking how genius they are! Anyone who's dealt with changing a small boy's nappy knows the dangers of what comes with it. The moment that cold air gets to that tinky then you're faced with the prospect of a unwanted shower.

My youngest child seriously thinks it funny that I get to experience this, not his daddy - just me. It was alright at first but as he's getting older it seems that his aim seems to be getting much better. If you want to know what wee tastes like, trust me it's not nice. Yeah the delights of parenthood, huh. My worst experience of it as well as tasting it again was when we were holidaying a few weeks ago and I was just getting him ready for bed, when he decided to strike again. Not only did he get me and the clothes I was wearing soaked, he got himself soaked and the bed soaked.

Though as cute as those pee caps are I still don't think it will do the job, unless you're a ninja? The moment you whip that nappy off you need to be ready! I've certainly learnt my lesson and I have the next nappy at the ready, I do try slinging a baby wipe over it but that doesn't always work. Maybe I should wearing one of these hats when next doing a nappy change?