Thursday, 12 July 2012

I love you more than Twitter

When I saw Claire share a Instagram photo of the card she had got her hubby for Valentines Day, I just had to copy her and get mine the same. It made me giggle and I think I mentioned it back in Feb in my Valentines Day blog post. I thought I would just share the fact I had finally got round to framing it and displaying it, just to remind the husband that I actually do love him more twitter even if I do talk to it more then him. It's rare for me to get my bottom into gear and actually do anything like this, hence why it was so worthy of a blog post.

This funky card is from Helen over at Storeyshop which is my new haunt when it comes to buying cards for whatever reason. I'm actually eying up this hand cut papercut poster for my hallway. Though I still cant believe I've not got my bum into gear with buying a wedding card from her, will most likely be my first wedding anniversary before I get around to that! Go say hi to Helen over on , she's expecting her first baby in a couple of months time! :)