Monday, 12 November 2012


Dylan got sent a pair of UGGs to review and what perfect time considering the trees are now bare and we're now having to de-ice the car in the mornings. Yes, winter is upon us which means it's time to wrap up warm. When it comes to keeping the baby warm, it's more of a mission

We've been reviewing the INFANTS ERIN style UGGs in a rather adorable baby size perfect for the cutest of baby feet. In this case Dylan's feet. Now I'm a huge fan of leggings for boys but struggled to find suitable footwear to go with them, of course he wears socks but putting shoes on him just looks silly. And I'm not keen on putting feet which are still growing and forming into shoes. These UGGs seems to of solved both those problems, they go fantastically with his leggings and they are rather spacey and soft for his feet.

They are made from genuine twinface sheepskin and are extremely soft to the touch, ideal for my sons delicate baby skin. Popping them on to his feet cant be any easier, they are held in place with a simple velcro fastening.

The gift box they came in help to make them a great gift idea, I know I would of appreciated these as a gift for my baby. I've kept hold of the box so that when Dylan outgrows them I can pass them on to a future sibling. And it doesn't matter if that future sibling is boy/girl as the ERIN UGGs are unisex. Though if you wanted a girlie colour, they come in baby pink as well as chestnut.

I think I may of been finally persuaded to treat myself to a pair of Women's UGGs after seeing for myself the quality of the UGG boots. And yes because I'm jealous that my 6 month old has these rather cool boots whilst I'm left wearing trainers with holes in.