Wednesday, 7 November 2012

I Have a 6 Month Old!

Can you believe it? Because I cant. We're half way through his first year and it's just gone so incredibly quick that I was actually pleading to Dylan yesterday with tears in my eyes, just to slow down or just stay at this stage for a little longer. I only know from experience with his brother that this first year goes so fast and before you know it, you have a potty trained toddler.

When pregnant with him, I feared how I would be able to divide this love that I had for Oli with another child. Oh what a silly thought that was. My heart got bigger, it gave me more love and gave me another reason for waking up every day. Serving these boys everyday is a pleasure, being a mother and making my own plan on how to raise them and shape them into men.

He's made me more soppy, as I sit writing this I'm in tears. How do I sum up the last 6 months? How do you describe this love for another human being?

Our pregnancy journey was rubbish, regular reader or friend - you'll know why. I didn't bond with my bump/unborn child until last months. Pregnancy turned me into a monster and I spent pretty much most of it in and out of hospital for so many different reasons.

I've not posted about our homebirth experience yet, 6 months on you really think I would of said something about it. I've blogged our birth story but I've not really elaborated on our homebirth, I think once I've finished writing this and finally stopped blubbing, I'll make a start on it. I guess the fact we went straight to hospital after casted a shadow over it, I've not even finished writing about our stay in hospital. I have part 1 & part 2 about his infection but 3 & 4 are yet to be finished.

Guess with Dylan came less time to do anything, being a mum of 2 is the most amazing job in the world but can be so time consuming at times. The clothes load doubled, the housework piles up and you find yourself not really being bothered to do anything at all other then slob on the sofa after one night feed too many. With that comes the crazy amount of dry shampoo you go through, I've learnt that you can go 2 days without it and then 2 days with it until you really need to get your lazy arse into the shower.

6 months, gosh. I'm doing what I do in real life - babbling. When I'm nervous/afraid/sad/any emotion in general that I just chat rubbish. I guess over the last 6 months I've been feeling all of those in one way or another. When he was born, I was so nervous about owning a newborn. My head had been auto-tuned into toddler mode, Oli's newborn days were long gone. I didn't even know how to hold a baby! I was afraid of not coping, I didn't know how Oli would take to a new sibling and I was worried that we wouldn't breastfeed which was something I had my heart on ever since failing to do it the first time around. I'm sad, sad at the moment that the newborn is going. Yes we want another baby but then the newborn part will fade again and then the baby days are over for me and I'll be moving on to teenagers. This makes me sad as well as excited at the same time.

Again babbling!

Dylan, over the last 6 months has changed by the day. He's developed a personality, a cheeky one. He knows how to make us smile and likewise. He is gorgeous, major cuteness is coming from him and I just cannot stop taking photos (apologies to my followers!) of this cuteness. His favourite person by far is his older brother, Oli can do no wrong in his eyes and they are already the best of friends. My heart flutters at the thought of this friendship blossoming over the new few years. Breastfeeding is our amazing journey together which is one of my favourite times of the day, especially in the evening when we have cuddles before a feed and as he drops off I get to watch him fall asleep whilst having the best thing in the world - breastmilk.

We're still ebf but feeds are slowly starting to drop now that we've introduced food. He's already upped himself to 3 meals a day, I swear the reason he gets so excited in the mornings is that he knows once we hit the stairs he's soon going to be having his porridge. We're having issues with veg but boy does he love his fruit, such a sweet toothgum. He's been introduced to the wonders of water, he also enjoys this and just yesterday I started him with a doidy and he's taken to that much better then his little sippy cup. I can see we're going to have fun teaching him how to drink from a cup.

We thought he has mastered sitting up but then he decided that he didn't want to sit up and that rolling around the floor having his brother wait on him was a much better idea. Yeah he has us all wrapped round that cute little finger of his. He's doing the whole bringing his knees up and slowly starting to rock, I remember Oli doing this leading up to crawling. The baby babbling has started and I really enjoy watching exercise his lungs whilst finding his voice.

Basically.. The first 6 months of Dylan's life has rocked, we cant wait for the next 6.