Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Dear Mumma & Bubba

I really did try hard not to write this post. Especially as I think Nickie totally has it covered in her 'bad idea' post. I actually urge you if you're reading this to go and read her post before reading on as it covers it in so much better detail then what I can. I'm blogging to vent my frustration more then anything. Frustration that any parent would ever need to even think up a invention like a bottle bib. Have we actually got to busy for our kids that we cant even take time out of our day to sit and hold a bottle up for them?

It worries me that a mother would actually want to invent something like this, I think selling something like this offends mothers everywhere as well as offending our children. There's so many questions this produces such as if it's safe but for me the fact it's being marketed as something to replace the parent feeding the child just leaves me gobsmacked. If worrying about getting her ironing done over feeding baby, she really needs to rethink her priorities in life. For me the ironing can wait, would rather be spending that time with baby. Though saying that I don't iron, big fan of the 'hang it up & let the creases drop out' method.

My own personal advice to that mother would be that if you're to have a second child sometime in the future why not think outside the box and try breastfeeding whilst baby is in a sling? I can guarantee it's much safer then your silly contraception. Hey it's even got the benefits of being both great for you and baby. I admit I'm totally selfish in loving breastfeeding with how I can do so much at the same time as feeding him, hey I don't even have to hold a bottle up to his mouth. You my dear are just simply selfish by not wanting to do any of the work parenting involves. It might of been ok if you would of just chucked this idea out there but the fact it was followed with sentences like how frustrating it is holding a bottle is just told us what kind of parent you are. The fact you deleted your facebook page after receiving such negative feedback (what was you expecting?) told us you don't have faith in your own product. I'm guessing this so called bottle bib concept wont be going any where then your wild imagination?

I think I've qualified in the school of motherhood as there's nothing more I would rather be doing then holding a bottle to feed my child and having that precious one to one time with them. Take it from someone who no longer has baby in the form of her toddler who would much rather be running wild then having a 5 minutes peace and quiet with his mother, we do have it but not one where I'm in control. I'm savouring every minute of feed times with Dylan as I know it wont be long before he's joining his brother in running wild.