Wednesday, 7 November 2012

How to child proof your home for your new born

There is no greater feeling than holding your baby in your arms for the very first time, you want to love and protect them as much as you possibly can. Every parent will try their best to make the environment their baby is in a safe place to be, and although being unable to control the atmosphere around you once you have left your home, as a parent your home is you and your baby’s safe place.
Despite every effort to ensure your home has been child proofed, there are certain elements which may be missed. I have written this post to give advice and support to new mums welcoming as much advice as possible in regards to child proofing their home. 


As simple as it sounds windows can create a risk to younger children, ensure whenever your baby or toddler is around that all access to windows are secure. Child proofing guards can be bought to protect your child from higher windows, and will allow you to have the benefits of the cool breeze but keep your children safe from any potential hazards. 

Window Blinds

The cord which is attached to the blind can be one of the most dangerous things your child can come into contact with. I always recommend securing all cords out of the way of children, by tying them up and putting them out of reach or simply cutting the cord so your child won’t have access to them. However there is another approach which you can use, which could be to purchase blinds which have a plastic cord , therefore eliminating the risk of your child using this as a toy and becoming trapped in the wire. Vertical blinds direct have a selection of different blinds which could be more suitable for your child’s welfare. 

Corner and Edge protectors

As an adult we have learnt how to use our feet and walk along the floor, however our younger children are not as advanced, resulting in using their hands and knees as their main form of movement. This is why the simplest things like installing corner and edge protectors can be crucial to keeping your child safe. By doing this, a bump to your baby’s head could be a lot less damaging. 

Electrical outlets 
When you have a little one crawling around they are vulnerable to more things than we think, one main example is the use of electrical sockets. This may be something that adults wouldn’t initially think of, but when our children are eye length on a day to day basis there is potential for a serious accident.
To prevent this from happening, ensure all outlets are covered with safety plugs and all electrical items are out of reach.

As parents we can’t wrap our children up in cotton wool, but we can do the best we can to ensure they are exposed to as little risk as possible.

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