Thursday, 1 November 2012

Enjoy Costa At Home With Tassimo

I think when I was approached by Costa Coffee & Tassimo they knew that I as Mother was the right person to try out the new Costa At Home range which Gennaro Pelliccia, Master of Coffee at Costa, has worked for many months with coffee developers from Tassimo to provide us as customers with a quality cup of Costa coffee from the comfort of own homes. I'm a huge fan of Costa, latte's have been my choice of drink since I was pregnant and started breastfeeding and wanted to cut down on the amount of Coffee I was consuming. With a latte, I can have it as milky as I want and with the new Costa At Home TDISCs I can control exactly how I want my coffee right in my own kitchen.

That's what I mean when I say they've targeted the right person. Being a stay at home mum of 2, popping into town for a quick coffee isnt as easy as it may seem and I don't have the excuse of grabbing one on the way to work. Plus I dont really have the funds to buy myself a coffee each day. It's just not workable, so until now I've been settling for the old fashioned method of coffee. That was until I was sent a new Tassimo Coffee Machine to try them out the new range of Costa - Americano, Cappucino & Latte.

The actual Tassimo machine itself was very simple to set up folliwng the easy to understand instructions. We had to give the machien a clean using the cleaning TDISC before using it, that was easily done and we were brewing our first Costa coffee within minutes. Of course the first drink I went for was a Costa Latte, excuse the mug - latte glasses have been added to my Chirstmas wishlist.

I've never invested in a coffee machine before because I've always been a little intimated by them. The buttons always confuse me and I always fear ending up with a disgusting cup of coffee. Well with the Tassimo I didn't have to worry, the button functions was easy to grasp and the coffee process was straight forward. It was a case of simple inserting one TDISC and then when the light said it was ok, taking that out and inserting the next TDISC.

Drink wise, stick a Costa at Home in a Costa disposable coffee cup and I wouldn't notice the difference between one made in a Costa shop and the one we produced ourselves at home. I was actually in heavenly bliss being able to enjoy a Latte in the morning after sorting out the kids breakfasts and getting them ready for the day.

Here's Gennaro Pelliccia explaining in some more detail about the Costa at Home experience as well as showing you a video demonstration of it.

Not only have Costa & Tassimo kindly provide me with a new coffee machine but they've also given me one to give away right here on my blog. Entering to win one is simple, all I want to know is what your favourite Costa coffee is. For bonus entries and T&C's. see the rafflecopter for details.

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