Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Presents That We Get To Play With As Well

We’re all big kids really. Well, I certainly am anyway. As our little ones get older, they develop interests in more advanced toys. Great news!

This Christmas the presents under the tree have moved on from Barbie dolls and Action Man.

Oh yes, this year the presents under the tree are things that I can play with too. The kids probably aren’t even old enough to play with them all – but I most definitely am!

I found a few of these on those money off vouchers sites so I ended up saving some pennies on ‘the kids’ wish list. To be honest, I probably would have bought them full price anyway – that’s how excited I am this Christmas!

Here’s what I got myself (I mean, our kids) this Christmas…


I should point out that this isn’t mine, this is simply what I dream it to look like. An entire room full of Scalextric!

I’m even considering emptying the spare room to make way for it. All for the kids, of course.

My wife will pull a hernia when I tell her the news. But that just means more play time!


Mechano was and still is one of the best inventions of all time.

Forget about Jenner and his poxy vaccinations – this is the real winner!

“Look at his little face”, they’ll say as they watch me play. The kids can sit aside as I get fully involved in the action.

Always brilliant fun!

Remote Control Helicopter

My kids have absolutely zero interest in remote control vehicles. But I do and I’m the adult, so what I say goes.

If they really don’t like it that much it simply means it’s all mine.

Definitely not the intention. Promise!


How cool is this! A full size Lego Wall-E! Aaaaggghhhh!

I’m excited to ‘help’ the kids make this one. In reality, they’re not touching it.

In my mind, it’ll be just as much fun for them to watch me building it as it will be for them to build it themselves. Probably more fun for them to watch me build it actually.

I’ll stick Home Alone on or something. That should keep them occupied long enough for me to complete it!

Nintendo Wii

This is the one I’m excited about most. It’s not just a one-off build, it’s a lifetime of frivolity!

I’ll need the kids’ input with this one if we’re to make the most of the multi-player games. But at the end of the day, if they don’t want to play they can go to bed early and leave it all to me!

Am I a bad parent?

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