Thursday, 3 January 2013

How Crawling Changes Everything

So in the weeks leading up to Christmas, the baby decided to give crawling a try. I guess if he wants to keep up with his big brother he needs to get some lightning moves under his belt. Where he's picked the option of crawling and for sitting he prefers to sit on his knees which is no fun for either of us as if he falls back as he's kinda stuck in some yoga move and attempts to wiggle around freeing himself until super mummy comes to his rescue.

I've now said goodbye to my blissful cake and tea time, once upon a time he would just lay there playing with his toys whilst I watched on with smiles whilst enjoying a slab of cake & a cup of tea. Neither of those are now a option now that's mobile! He seems to of inherited my love of cake so I find myself having to share it with him, doesn't taste as nice once covered in baby dribble. I do fear he's a spiderman in disguise, he's trying to climb the wall as I type. See even daytime blogging time has come to a close.

I totally blame the toddler, they have so much fun playing together. I guess now they're going to have even more fun, though I am starting to fear the toddler's new game of 'I'll throw, you go fetch' is him treating the baby more like a dog then anything. I guess for him it's a huge novelty of having a playmate 24/7. He's been amazing at helping keep the baby steer of things he shouldn't go near, I only have to hear him scream the word 'TREE' or 'NOOO' to know that he's trying to bring down the tree again or attempting to chew to the bone, one of the toddler's toys.

We'll be saying goodbye to the first lot of baby items other then clothes, they've been piling up in boxes for baby number 3 for the last few months. His baby mats will be getting put away as well as his chairs. He hasn't used them in the last few weeks and in baby terms that means he's outgrown them and will probably never get a look in again. We've got him two walkers for Christmas, the one you push along and the other that he can see it and use as a battering ram. I'm confused to as why you would give them both the same name, just sounds greedy when I tell people that we got the baby two walkers for Christmas. I'm adding age ranges to them, the sit in walker is for now and the other one for when he starts to cruise. Great excuse to why that one is still in the box waiting to be built.