Sunday, 13 January 2013

The One With The Stalker

I seem to be having a problem with a stalker eye infection. It's been stalking me for months now and every time I seem to get ill, my eyes turn black and I suddenly look like I've gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. After the last time it happened, I seem to have a lump stick around on my eye. Wasn't painful but made me a tad sensitive to light (you can call me count Emma) and it looks rather unsightly, after a few weeks I decided I should probably go to the doctors who told me it was a harmless cyst and that the dose of anti-biotics he was going to give me should clear it up.

It didn't clear it up, instead it somehow skipped, hopped and jumped into the other end and I became unwell at the same time. My energy was sucked out of me and I was walking around with two eyes that looked like golf balls. I was shipped around from hospital to doctors to hospital who finally decided because my glands were up that I had a virus which I just needed to sit and wait out. I'm back to having to normal size eyes again but I still have that Meibomian cyst (whatever you do, do not google image search this if you're squeamish). I dare not go back for anymore anti-biotics after becoming ill after taking them. Instead I'm going to leave it for a while and see if it will get better by itself.

I think I might try out the whole tea bag on eye thingamajig, if anything it's a great excuse to drink lots of tea!