Thursday, 31 December 2009

My Favourite Posts This Year

I was new to blogging in May , I used it as a diary at first as I really did not know much about blogging and I didn't know how popular blogging actually was - especially Mummy Blogging. I'm so proud to now call myself a Mummy Blogger. I have 3 Favourite Posts from this Year that I'll share with you.

I'll start with my favorite day as my favorite post from April , My Birth Story. When Oliver was born I didn't have a blog but had posted bits & bobs to my myspace blog. So this was something I copied over.

When Peggy from A Mother's Secrets requested posts on pregnancy lows , I was more then happy to share my Pregnancy Lows.

This was my best post , It was something I felt so strongly about and sharing it in my Blog was great to do. I found I wasn't the only person that had problems/issues with Bottlefeeding.