Thursday, 17 December 2009

Secret Christmas Ornament Swap

Check out my wonderful Christmas Ornaments which I got from the Secret Christmas Ornament swap hosted by Snaffles Mummy.

My beautiful ornaments were sent from the host herself!!

I was so excited when I opened the door to see a postman holding a box addressed to me!! And even more excited when I discovered what was in it.

Oli helping me to unwrap it!

Oli loved the last one , he's been sat jiggling it laughing every time it makes a noise (It has a bell inside!)

Look forward to taking part again next year! :)

Thank You Snaffles Mummy!!


  1. 18 December 2009 15:30

    what a fantastic idea! beautiful ornaments

  2. 18 December 2009 15:58

    Those are really pretty. What a fun idea. Sorry I missed it...