Wednesday, 15 December 2010

How do you 'Christmas' decorate?

I know it sounds like a stupid question but how exactly do you decorate a room or a house?

I lack creative flair and decorations of any kind just seem so foreign for me. I never know where to put anything. Guess that explains why my house looks so simple/empty, I have a mirror on my room in the living room and that's as bout as far as it goes. I don't even have any pictures up anywhere apart from a couple on the window sill. It's all part of my epic housewife failings.

So of course when it comes to putting up Christmas decorations I feel rather lost. It's bad enough that the tree looks like the Christmas aisle in homebase has pooped on it let alone putting anything else anywhere in the house. I wondered around with a piece of tinsel for at least a hour last night whilst trying to decide where to put it, I tried it around the mirror - it looked stupid. I tried it around the snail tank - it looked stupid. It's ended up around the stairs and going up it but sat here looking at it I cant decide if I like it or not?

And what is it with Christmas lights and getting tackled whilst sat in a box for 12months doing nothing and moving nowhere? We put them away so that we can easily get to them this year but upon opening the box and getting them out, we were greeted with a tangled mess. After many tears and bad words had been shared we managed to unknot it enough to stick the bit that was kind knotted at the back of the tree and chucked the decorations on so it wasn't that obvious. I might have another go at it tonight with a fresh set of eyes and a bottle of Shiraz in tow.

When I was younger I remember my mother going overboard on the decorations,the living room would be inaccessible for most of December because the amount of tack she has managed to cram in there. That's one of the things I fear happening in my own house - it looking more tacky then Pat Butchers earrings! I like simple but our house is just looking way too plain, it needs more festive cheer added to it but I just don't know where to begin. I really don't.