Sunday, 9 May 2010

Online Friends

Me & the man got into a conversation the other night about online friends , and it made me think about how I do actually have online friends and how they are as close to me as any friend can be.

I consider the twittersphere/blogosphere to be my family, as sad as that sounds its true. Apart from one close friend and Jon's family I really dont have anyone else who I can talk too or go to if I was to have a problem.

You may think I need to get out more, I do so dont worry! ;)

I would say if it wasn't for my twitter/blogging friends being at the other end when Oli was born I might of slipped into a state of depression, possibly suffering with PMT.
There was always someone online who would help with a problem or just say a few words which comforted me.
When I had Oli I has just moved to this town a month before so it wasn't like I had any friends other then Jonny's or knew any pregnant/new mums.
So having people there for me at the click of a button meant so much to me.

A year on and this hasn't changed , I consider twitter/blogs or emailing someone my first point of call when I have a problem or just need a few wise words.
Only yesterday I needed the help of a Mummy figure just to talk too and to see if my problem was normal or what to do. Within seconds of asking I had some fantastic Ladies offering me there help and putting me to ease.

Some of you may have friend/family at the end of a telephone you can talk too, I dont have a phonebook choc full of people like that but I do I have my online friends who I can tweet/email. And I know if I was to ever need a friend to talk to via phone these ladies would happily let me.

A few years ago I would of laughed at anyone that talked about online friends in the way that I had , but times are changing. The increased popularity of sites such as facebook and twitter are helping to keep friendships alive , make new friendships and keep in touch with them on a daily basis.

Thank You for being there for me!