Thursday, 27 May 2010

I Want A Golden Ticket To The MADS!

The MADS are the first ever Mummy & Daddy Blogs awards which are celebrating the best of all those parenting blogs out there.
The winners of the 2010 MADS are going to be revealed at the MAD Awards Ceremony hosted by Butlins in September.

And why am I so desperate to go The MADS Awards Cermony?

I dont want to miss out on the tearful acceptance speeches , the dancing on the tables , the wildness of bloggers under one butlins roof and just the general excitement and buzz that it will create.

I would be so happy to watch some of my favourite blogs/bloggers win awards that they truly deserve.

Bringing Up Charlie , CafeBebe , Notes From Lapland , More Then Just A Mother , Baby Baby , A Mothers Ramblings , Violet Posy and Glowstars are blogs that I have been reading every since I started blogging just over a year ago , These bloggers are like mentors to me. Like Vic who has become a rather good friend of mine now. And then there's new blogs that I have come to read over the year such as New Mummy , Mellow Mummy , Young & Younger , It's A Mummy's Life and Baby Budgeting.

There's many more who reached the finals , check them out here.

It would mean so much to me if I was there in person to see my friends win their awards.

I want a golden ticket!

And if you want a chance to win one of the golden tickets and attend the awards ceremony in September then tweet - I want a Golden Ticket! @The_MADs – #IwanttogototheMADs (1 entry)

Or blog about how the Mads & The Competition like I've just done (5 entries)