Sunday, 16 May 2010

The Coolfan

The cool fan is the perfect way to cool children's food quickly & hygienically , why blow on the food and risk transferring bacteria across when you can simple use the coolfan.

We used it today at lunchtime when we had pasta bolgonese , I dished Oli's up first and then put it straight under the coolfan and switched it on.
I then continued to serve ours up on plates , I gave Oli's a quick stir in between and then continued on to get cutlery, sauces..etc..
By the time ours was ready , Oli's was at the right temperature for him which meant he was able to eat at the same time as us.

It has a great open design which easily allows you to fit any plate/bowl underneath and stir it which can decrease the cooling time.

The fan is made with soft blaes so it wont hurt little fingers , which is good as Oli was curious to what it was and wanted to have a little play. When those 'picky with food' days come we could use this to help encourage him to cool his own food before eating it.

We think it's a great little invention and will be put to good use in this house.

The coolfan is able in four fun designs (we have the blue one which has been nicknamed Bob by the boys!) and is currently available at a introductory price of £7.99 which includes batteries!

You can get yours from