Thursday, 13 May 2010


Have you ever gone to put your children in a highchair and realized it was filthy?

Wasted baby wipes trying to scrub clean the high chair surface?

Well there's a solution to that in the form of the Tidy Tray

We tested it out at our local family pub , It's quite a biggish busy pub and as many highchairs as there is , they get cleaned as much as they should. We could end up with a highchair which has just been used by some kid which has made it sticky & grubby. I know it cant be helped , and like me sometimes I leave highchairs in that state as it is wasting baby wipes.
Well out comes the tidy tray , pops straight over the tray of the highchair and covers it.

It creates a clean , safe eating surface for your child.

Oli happily eats straight off it, he likes the fact there's a little side storage for his bottle to go into. Handy for Mummy too as there's bottle being chucked on the floor repeatably!

Mummy also likes how small it folds up , easy to store in her handbag or the changing bag.

Like the BabyBornFree bottles I reviewed the other day, the tidy tray is also BPA/Lead/Phthalate free. So your child isn't being exposed to any nasty chemicals.

And want to know why I've been using it everyday on Oli's highchair as well as when we're eating out - I don't have to waste time scrubbing it down after! I just stick it in the washing machine at 30c or in the sink to soak.

You can buy your Tidy Tray from

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