Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Where Has My Baby Gone?

I've just realized its been a while since I blogged about Oli and his progress , So I thought I would bring you a little update. Well he turned One last month and is now nearly 13 month's , he can walk everywhere and is almost running.

He has favorite TV programs now such as Postman Pat , Dora & Little Einsteins.

He got his first pair of clarks shoes..

He has his hobbies which consist of swimming & kicking a ball around the park with Daddy.

He's big enough to roam the softplay area by himself..

His favorite foods are Curry , Chilli & Spag Bol - Just like his Mummy!

He has learnt how to be funny , he knows how to turn his bottle into a water pistol so that it squirts milk everywhere & here he is blowing raspberries onto his hand...

He has a attitude and knows how to use it , He screams & pulls a paddy if you shut a door or a stair gate stopping him from going somewhere.

He knows how to drink from a glass , in this photo he had just downed a glass of Mummy's coke why she popped to the toilet!

He finally has hair and it seems to be growing into a mullet! He.s turning into the typical man, he giggles when he farts & has rather smelly feet.

Where has my baby gone?