Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Common Sense (or lack of!)

There's just some parents out there who majorly lack common sense. Now I know I'm not parent of the year , I may often forget to buy nappies leaving my child in a swim nappy ( which I learnt isn't waterproof outside the swimming pool! ) and often give him chocolate and cake but I WOULD NEVER let my child burn.

Reading this article about how a 5 month old baby suffered 20% burns left me sick to the stomach. The article said no arrests have been made , are they crazy? These parents were stupid enough not to take precautions and could of seriously damaged there child.

I know there are some people out there thinking that they might be new parents and just didn't know what to do.
But I think common sense should of kicked in, even I at 21 know the dangers of the sun and Me and Oli never set foot in front of that sun without the approiate protection.
I had Oli out in the garden a couple of day ago, it was boiling hot - not even I could bare the heat. He had no sun hat on as he had lost it as he usually does with anything not tied down , I did put lots of suncream on his scalp through the hair but I still couldn't help but to worry.
I bought him in and switched the TV on , I would much rather have my sun chilling in front of the TV then boiling in front of the sun.

I'm considering getting a gazebo so that Oli can play without me worrying about him. Where were these parents worries when they decided to take there Son to the beach with them?

The boy was naked and had blisters. Even if he had sun cream on he should of been protected from the sun, and if she couldn't afford any of that then she should of kept him inside.

I think she should be charged with neglect because that's what she did , you may say but she's learnt her lesson. But she should of never made that mistake in the first place.