Saturday, 15 May 2010

Gender Disappointment

There was a article in The Telegraph the other day about gender disappointment and I just wanted to share my thoughts on it.

You know when you were younger and talked about future babies , did you talk about them as if you knew what sex you wanted? My friends did, I remember them all talking about how they would love little girls. I used to think they said this as they were girls themselves and the thought of dressing them up/styling there hair appealed them more then dressing a boy.

Me on the other hand wasn't really fussed by what sex my baby was going to be in the future, and I still had that attitude when I became pregnant. I didn't mind one bit if it was a girl or boy, all that mattered was that the baby was healthy.

At the 20week scan I was ecstatic to find out we were having a boy. My mother who some how tagged along wasn't. She made it clear from the moment she found out she was having a grandchild that she would like to be a girl. When Me & the other half came out of the room and announced it was a boy , her reaction was 'oh' . Not I'm happy for you, just 'oh' , her disappointment was clear by what she said and how she said it. So as I found out its not just parents that can be disappointed with the sex , it can also be other family members.

I often joke to the other half that we will carry on until we have one of each sex. But am I joking? If I had 3 boys would I really want to try again and pray its a girl? I say now that the sex doesn't matter and even with the second what I don't mind but will I be bothered by it the third time. I would love for the second baby to be a boy, but I think I'm saying that because we are already set up for a boy. There's not a thing of Oli's that we didn't keep!

What about you? Did you want a certain sex? Does your attitude change when you already have 2 boys and then want a third – do you wish that to be a girl?