Friday, 14 May 2010

Natural Beauty

A lovely Mummy blogger over in Australia has come up with Bloggers without makeup day , where we show the real us. The us that are not plastered in make up or hiding who we really are.

Read more about her fantastic idea here.

Now I'm not usually a makeup person , I dont have that thing where every morning I apply it. I do cover my face in foundation if there is even the odd tiny spot (which is most days!) .
I do wear it on nights out or if we are going anywhere nice - weddings, christenings, etc..
I dont wear lippy but I do smother my lips in pinky vaseline so maybe I am kinda conscious about my face and how it looks and I do need that vaseline/foundation to keep my confidence.

Want to see me make up free/natural morning face , well here it is.

Please excuse my dressing gown , I know it's 10am but I will get dressed and showered (see the greasy hair!) as soon as Oli naps!

So are you going to join in the Bloggers without make up day?

Add your link over at Mummy Mayhem

There's even a funky twitter hashtag for it -