Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Do You Save?

Do you save? I dont & it's dawned on me that now I have a family of my own , it would be the perfect time to open up a savings account and start to put aside for our future.

Spare money recently has been going on treats such as games & take aways , but instead why dont we put that money in an account for those future expenses. One day we'll be getting married , we should be planning ahead now and start saving.

And what about Oli's future?

He's going to be at school before I know it & then hopefully University , that wont come cheap and what about a car for his 18th birthday?
If I was to start putting money aside now I can make these future plans a possibility.

Tips for saving money - which can help both me & you save for the future.

Do you drink/smoke? How about cutting this habit down , think about how your be helping your health as well as those extra pennies your be putting aside.

Sucker for late fees? Are you like me and constantly forgetting to take library books/rented DVDs back on time and getting fined for it? Well remember - set a alarm on your mobile! Those fines add up!

Do you shop at full price? Check out those bargain bins! Sales are a fantastic way to get things you need at a much lower price.

Taking the car to that shop just around the corner? walk because you know its good for you & your saving petrol , as well as the environment!

Going on holiday? Either book early or last minute to get the best deals & shop around for them.

Huge food shopping bill? Make a shopping list & only buy those essentials that you actually need.

Ready Meal fan? Bin them! So much cheaper to buy & prepare your own meals.

Utility bills through the roof? Check online to see if you can better deals elsewhere.

Open a savings account! Your be thankful for doing it when the future comes along.

This was a sponsored post.