Sunday, 2 May 2010

Cherizena Sticky Gingerbread Flavoured Coffee

Hands up , who likes coffee?

So that's like a hundred hands.. including you over there shaking because you have not had your coffee fill yet today.. Yes! I mentioned coffee!

Coffee specialists Cherizena have launched a a new sticky gingerbread flavoured coffee.

Created from Columbian coffee beans infused with sticky gingerbread flavour, with a sweet and spicy aroma, the new variety of coffee is available as beans or ground, and as decaffeinated or regular coffee.

This is perfect for any coffee fan , which I consider myself to be after after living off coffee ever morning since becoming a mother. Adding flavour to your coffee is a perfect way to spice up your morning/days & evenings.

As soon as we received it in the post the room was filled with this amazing gingerbread coffee aroma , couldn't wait to get the kettle on!

It tasted as good as it smelt , my taste buds were hit with this warming gingerbread flavour. It wasn't too sweet but then it wasn't too heavy. I could happily drink this everyday with a mid morning cake.

Sticky Gingerbread Coffee is priced £3 for a 125g pack from