Friday, 30 April 2010

My Addiction

I have a addiction and I know I should do something about it , now before you assume it's twitter or even facebook - it's not. I can control that addiction (she says as she switches back & forth to see if anyone has tweeted her!) .

Now this addiction is getting out of control , I'm buying it daily like its going out of fashion and I'm even starting to buy in bulk.
I ran out of it the other day and it was like the world was coming to a end , I need that fix of it.

I cant even take substitutes as I notice the difference, its needs to be the real thing.

As I sit writing this I have some next to me, I can hear it calling my name, reeling me in!

I'm starting to worry about my health as I'm starting to consume more & more each day. My poor teeth - there's only so much sugar they can take.
What about my poor organs? Those fizzy bubbles must be doing something bad to them.

But how can I say no to a refreshing glass of Coke Cola?

What are you addicted too? Shopping? Food? Twitter? Blogging?

PS This isn't a sponsored post - I just wanted to share my addiction with you!

PSS.. Coke Cola is your reading this , please feel free to drop a lorry load of coke cola off at my house anytime. ;)