Sunday, 4 April 2010


I cant believe how quickly times has gone , a week today my little baby who isn't really a little baby anymore) turns ONE! This year has been the best year of my life but I'll save those details for a special birthday post next week.

But what I will bored you with is my party woes , Oli's party is also a week today on his actual Birthday and have I planned anything? NO! Nothing at all is in stone for his party , I've not even handed in the hall deposit yet - I know its booked but I really should get the deposit over to the Vicar's wife ASAP.

Am I disorganized? Extremely!! I have never been much of a organized person , and with my Open University course starting in May I should really kick my ass into gear and do something about my disorganization! As far as I got sorting out my future studying is a post it note on the fridge telling me to buy folders for my work. What about studying materials? Books? Asking on freecycle for a printer?

I'm good at making lists , but whats the point in making those lists if I'm not actually going to follow them? I have a list which says - Music , Party Bags , Decorations , Food , Birthday Cake , RSVP'S & Oli's Birthday Presents. Your thinking how hard can that be? For me - very hard! Is it because this is my first time at planning a party/having someone I gave birth to become another year older?

Does it get easier when it comes to the 6th or 7th party? Is this my practice run? I know it's no super sweet 16 but it's his first birthday party and I want him to look back at the photo's when he's older and know that his Mother really did want it to be special. Yes part of me wanting it to be such a good day is that Oli's been to a few 1st Birthdays now and all were such great parties , plenty of food and fun for all the children there. Why am I feeling the need to match up to these? Money may of not been a object for them but come Tues once we've paid some bills, I think we may have exactly £50 to purchase everything on my list , including presents for Oli for his birthday.

I know part of this is my own fault for leaving it to the last week , Was I fooling myself with thinking that his 1st Birthday would never come along - that he would stay a baby forever?

If anyone has any tips on how to get myself more organized & how to plan a last minute budget party I would love to hear them!!