Monday, 26 April 2010

Maclaren Quest Zodiac

When my pram decided to breakdown on me , Maclaren came to my rescue with the new Quest Zodiac.

And it was love at first sight , a pram covered in stars - what a way to stand out from the crowd. It comes in a fantastic navy colour and the inside of the hood (which is waterproof) has images of the solar system which looks amazing to me & Oli.

It's a lightweight pram , coming from a using/carrying a big pram to this one was a shock to the system. I couldn't believe how easy it was to fold one handed and carry. Even more of a shock was how little room it took up in the boot. We could of fit about 3o of them in there!

Simple to push & so gentle , you don't notice that your pushing it unlike some prams which are a total mission to push & give you one major backache.

It has 4 recline positions , perfect for either sitting Oli up to see the world or straight back to nap - and with a starry night sky hood , how can he not fall asleep!

It's suitable from 3 month's to 4 years , seeing as Oli is one - he's the perfect age for it. He cant see the world from where he's sat and he's added added some of his toys to the sides to play with. He's also jazzed it up with a sun parasol in time for this beautiful weather and come winter we plan on buying one of the faux fur footmuffs to keep him warm & cosy.

You can order a comfort pack which consists of a head pad & shoulder pads , This can be personalized with your child's star sign.

The shopping basket is fantastic, enough room to store baby things (nappies & bottles) and your shopping. The other day I had a family sized picnic & a football stored in it to go the the park!

This is such a great pram & I cant recommend it enough to you. It's perfect for these summer days , taking on holiday with you , spare pram at the grandparents or even to use as a everyday pram like I am.