Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Earning Cash From Home

No this isn't a sponsored post! My blogging tips went down so well that I thought I would try giving some more tips - This time on how to earn money from home.

I've used my own knowledge , ideas & pages I have found on the Internet to bring these ideas to you. If I've used a site or if the word is highlighted then clicking on it will take you to the relevant page.

Mystery Shopping - Like shopping? Then why not get paid to do it. You get sent undercover into shops/restaurants/pubs & even nightclubs to check if the staff are doing there jobs right and on the upkeep of the place. Check out Retail Eyes , Amber Arch , Quality Eye , Grass Roots , Retail Active , JKS and GFK for mystery shopping jobs.

Survey's YouGov , Toluna , Global Test Market , Valued Opinions , Springboard UK and Ipsos Access Panels are all sites in which you can take part in surveys, give feedback and even receive stuff to review. They either pay in cash or in vouchers.

Distributing - You know those annoying leaflets (apart from the take-way ones that actually get stuck to the fridge!) well someone has to deliver them , why not make that someone you!
Ask in your local take-ways/small business or check out Mailbox Nationwide
It would also be a great way to get rid of that post-baby weight by walking it off.

Housekeeping - Have you got any neighbours willing to let you do their ironing for a small fee? What about dog walking - could take a dog with you when you go for a walk with the pram.

PA/Telecommuting/Secretarial Etc.. - If have Internet access and a computer then your all set up for some online work - this can vary from secretarial work to proofreading. Maybe even some freelance writing work - why not put your blogging skills to use! :)
Check out for a whole stack of work from home jobs.

Sales - I'll start with Avon , earn money by selling beauty products that are not available in the shops. Become a Representative and sell to your family, friends or work colleagues.

Ann Summers - Become a Ann Summers organiser and you can work whenever & wherever you want , meet new people , earn money & have lots of fun.

Partylite - If your into candles & home accessories then why not become a partylite consultant .

Some more sales opportunities with : Usborne , Betterware , Kleeneze , Mary Kay , Wikaniko and The Body Shop .

Money Back When You Shop - It' free to join Kidstart and how it works is that you shop as normal online and then you get a % of what you spend back. You can save it and even invite friends & family to to help you save.
Check it out!! :)

Selling Online - Ever since I was 16 I've been selling (and buying!) from Ebay , I consider myself to be a genius at selling my unwanted items - I don't think I've not sold a item yet!
I could talk/give so many tips about selling (and again buying!) on Ebay that I would turn this into one major long blog post! I'll either save that for another post or feel free to email me.

Preloved - I used this site to sell a old pram of mine , great easy to use system with the ability to see what items are for sale in your local area. Easy to upload photos & information of items your wishing to sell.

Online Freebies - Just wanted to add this site to my post , Magic Freebies is a site I've been using for over a year and I have received so many things via the site. I have joined up to those sites like See Film First but never get sent any codes for it , Magic Freebies seem to always have those codes!
Sign up to the daily emails , you never know what useful freebie might crop up!!

I could babble all day about other useful tips/sites to help you earn money from home but I'll leave it there for now, Hope some of these have been helpful.