Friday, 23 April 2010

Chocolate & Love

Who would be silly enough to turn down a opportunity to review chocolate?

I got sent a few bars of Chocolate & Love to try out & to give some honest feedback about. I received some Chocolate & Love k. Now I have to admit I'm not a big fan of dark chocolate, but when your a chocolate fan getting sent any kind of chocolate you just cannot resist having a nibble!

What did we think?

Crushed Diamonds - Organic dark truffle chocolate with cocoa nibs

As soon as you bite into this bar - crunch! This one was my favorite , the cocoa nibs really do give you that something extra - much more interesting & exciting then a normal plain chocolate bar.
It was smooth with a crunch - your have to taste it yourself to know what I'm on about!

Nirvanabar - Organic dark chocolate

If your into plain chocolatey goodness then this is the bar for you. Simple & sweet is the way to describe this bar. It's not as bitter as I thought it was going to be which is what normally puts me off eating dark chocolate.

Orange Mantra - Organic dark chocolate with natural orange oil

Such a fantastic fine texture to this bar , so fruity & delicious. It leaves you with a fresh after taste. You could easily just forget your eating a chocolate bar and assume your eating a orange - why not class it as one your 5 a day! ;)

The Coffee Affair - Organic dark chocolate with coffee

The way I summed this chocolate bar up was that it is a mug of coffee but in chocolate form! What better way to combine two of our (yes, I know there's some coffee fans out there! Especially you rocking back & forth because you've not had a cup yet!) favorite things - Coffee & Chocolate. Such a great way to get your coffee fix.

Conscious Chocolate - RAW mint hint
Such a soft delicate chocolate bar , definitely one for big chocolate fans that do like to experience all those different chocolaty tastes/varieties.
But I'm still undecided to if I like it or not - I love chocolate & I love mint but there's just something to this bar . It describes it on the website
'This bar is as creamy as it is minty leaving you with an amazingly clean and refreshing taste that doesn't overpower.'
The packaging is great , handmade & kept it fresh.

Check out the Chocolate & Love website -