Thursday, 22 April 2010

Who Is Reading Your Blog?

Does it bother you who reads your blog?

Most of us share it publicly with the world wide web. We have URL'S easily accessed by anyone that was to do a search online for the content in our blogs.
Some of us even share it with friends & family but then there's some of us who only want to share it with other Mummy/Daddy bloggers. Some shout about it from the top of rooftops whilst others open us separate facebook/twitter accounts in fear of someone we know finding out about our blogging/blogs.

I am one of those people like I've said before in my blog that doesn't wish to share my blog with anyone I know other then my OH. If so I would like to keep it as private as possible without it being private .. know what I mean?

It does bother me if someone I know was to read my blog without asking me if its alright to do so , I know it's there online for anyone to read but wouldn't it be polite of a person to ask if its ok to read it?

I want to feel free to write about whatever I like and for it not to have consequences/questions being bought up.

The last few days I've not wanted to write anything , I didn't have the urge to and I knew what I would end up writing wouldn't be meaningful to anyone. It would be as if I was just blogging fort eh sake of it. I've not wanted to share anything personal over the last couple of days. I felt I could come here and share whatever I wanted too.. Have I lost that now?

After all I did start it off as a diary and I still see it as that but I see it as a diary that I share with other Mummy's who I've invited to come & read.

I know there's chance anyone I know can find my blog but that's a slim chance - what about when someone purposely comes to your blog? What do you do then?