Friday, 2 April 2010

The MAD Awards 2010

Now I'm just going to come out & say it (like I usually do!*)


The Mads 2010 is celebrating the best of Mummy & Daddy Blogs . There's 10 different award categories in which you can nominate your choice of bloggers.
I wasn't sure what to think of The MADS at first , but it seems to have taken the parenting blogosphere by storm. Your either nominating or have been nominated .

Thank You if you were the wonderful person/persons that have already nominated me in the following categories :

Funniest MAD Blog , Best MAD Baby Blogger & Best New MAD Blogger .

These are fantastic categories to of been nominated in! It makes me giggle to think that I've been put forward for funniest MAD blog , and I would love to win in that category - £200 John Lewis vouchers would do nicely towards a house that needs decorating!

Please dont even think about nominating me for the BIG one - , as I know some blogs that truly deserve this award. If you ask I might whisper to you who I think should win!

Now I'm not going to beg pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaseeeee , pretty please or bribe I will give you a hundred pounds & a gold coin you !!

But if you feel that I'm at all worth for any of those nomination's then feel free to nominative me!

I have recently changed my URL from to's still in transaction as blogger keeps reminding me so you may not be able to access my blog just yet with it's new URL. But I have informed The MADS of my new URL so it doesn't matter which one you have voted for me under as both will get added up together!

And you know what? Even if I dont get in the top 5 in any categories , I'm extremely proud to of been nominated and that to me that is amazing! :)

I know this is going to be one tough competition , There are some amazing blogs out there! Some who I'd rather see win over me as they deserve it 10x more.

Emma xx

*I swear I used to be shy before I started this blogging lark!