Thursday, 1 April 2010

Ped Egg

Awarded Product of the Year in the beauty grooming category, the Ped Egg has taken the UK by storm with 2.5 million sold in less than eighteen months.
The egg-shaped foot file gently removes calluses, corns and hard dry skin to reveal baby soft heels and toes. Its oval shape means you can collect shavings in a pod without leaving a mess.

It fits into the palm of your hand and is easy and comfortable to use use.
After using it we’d recommend you moisturise your feet and pop on some socks. It should also only be used once a fortnight.
It comes in a range of colours including a pastel pink and a clinical white.

And what do I make of The Ped Egg?
WOW... It actually works! I knew it was going to work but I didn't know how well it was going too! Before I used the Peg Egg on my foot it was rather rough & hard , dry skin was not the word for it - it was another layer of skin has just taken over my feet. Now I know your going ERRGHHH , but I know I'm not the only woman out there with hard skin on her feet!
When I first saw the Ped Egg after taking it out the packaging , I instantly thought - it's a cheese grater for my feet! The other half was also intrigued to this new gadget and being the big tough guy he is , he rubbed it up & down his arm. After not seeing his grimacing in pain and having him tell me it was more of a tickle then anything , I proceeded to take it to my foot.
I started with my heel seeing as that was the most hard skin effected area , It didn't feel rough on my skin at all! More of a massage then anything , I found it quite relaxing scrubbing away with my little Ped Egg and before I knew it the roughness had disappeared , this is where I got the other half to feel my heel who was equally shocked at the difference (he then asked if I wanted to do his , but it would take a miracle for me to go near his feet!) . My foot now felt soft & smooth now that extra layer of skin had gone .
It had worked instantly unlike the cream that I've been rubbing into them everyday!
The shock didn't stop at how well it had worked - when I opened up the ped egg , inside was all that dry/hard/rough/bad skin. Yet again URRGH but WOW!
I seriously recommend this if you have any dry skin at all on your feet, I now dont feel quite so embarrassed about my feeties any more.

I now have flip - flop perfect feet just in time for the summer! :)

Watch The Ped Egg in action (and no it's not me , I dont think my feet on camera will appeal to you!)

To get the Ped Egg yourself , you can buy it direct from JML or you can buy it from ASDA , Boots or Superdrug at £9.99