Friday, 26 March 2010

How To Train Your Dragon

To celebrate the release of Activision's new game 'How To Train Your Dragon' we got invited to Colchester Zoo to learn 'How To Train A Dragon' ourselves.

Colchester Zoo is home to two Komodo dragons. Now these dragon's are not as cute as the one's in the the game or even the film 'How To Train Your Dragon' , they can grow up to three metres long and it is the largest surviving lizard in the world. They can also live up to fifty years.

Check out the video's to learn exactly 'How To Train Your Dragon'

How To Train Your Dragon - Part One

How To Train Your Dragon - Part Two

The game launches gamers into a third-person action-adventure as a Viking hero where they must embark upon an epic quest to become the ultimate dragon trainer. Gamers can play as characters “Hiccup” or Astrid” on the vast Island of Berk, which features expanded locales from the film including Vikings’ Village, Wild Zone, Training Zone and Fight Arena. In this truly larger-than-life adventure, players will train dragons, explore environments and battle in prestigious dragon tournaments as they battle for Viking victory. Plus, gamers can become the Dragon hero of their living room as they square-off with friends and family in endless head-to-head multi-player combat!

Key Features of the game

Create Your Very Own Dragon – The “Create Your Dragon” feature allows players to customize six different types of dragons, providing virtually unending combinations of ways to modify your dragon’s appearance.

Train your Dragon for Battle – “Level Up” your dragon’s speed, power, fire and other abilities through intense training to face the critical Viking challenge of becoming the ultimate dragon trainer. Then use your arsenal of trained dragons to battle friends in a variety of unique environments.

Pick up Where the Movie Left Off – Players enjoy an all-new post-movie adventure as they jump into battle as their favorite characters. Explore the picturesque Island of Berk as Hiccup or Astrid in Adventure Mode or experience fierce battle action in Arena Mode as you fight for your crown as ultimate dragon warrior.

Head-to-Head Multiplayer Mode – Arcade mode allows friends to select their dream team of four individually customized dragons or dragons chosen from the arcade roster, then jump in and battle against each other. In addition to Astrid and Hiccup, additional characters are playable in Multiplayer Mode including Tuffnut T., Ruffnut T., Fishlegs, and Snotlout.

Mini-Games – Mini games include Ice Sculpting, Looping Race, Flying Sheppard, Memory Torch, and Puzzle Dragon. Excelling in Mini-Games earns players experience points toward leveling up your dragon, winning gold and other items to help care for dragons.

Action shots from the game.

'How To Train Your Dragon' is available in the following formats : Playstation 3 , Xbox 360 , Wii and Nintendo DS.

Now if anyone can just teach me how to train my little dragon...