Thursday, 15 April 2010

Customer Service

Good customer service plays such a important part in today's world , don't you think?

Receiving fantastic customer service can make you smile & even make your day but then receiving bad customer service can really get to you and make your day totally crap. In the last couple of weeks I've received both good & bad customer service which I'll tell you about.

The first being from a pizza delivery service. We had ordered a deal we saw online via the phone and when it arrived parts of the deal didn't come with it , I questioned the delivery driver who argued with me that it wasn't included , despite me - the customer insisting that it was. I was so annoyed with being argued with , being in customer service roles myself I have always learnt to never argue with a customer as it really isn't good customer service! Next day I lodged a email with them , which is rare for me to do but hormones being hormones I ventured my anger at being argued with in this email.

The response was apologies and the manager of our local store even delivered a box of chocolate as well as vouchers for free pizzas. Now that's
good customer service , it wiped away any bad feelings I had towards them and it even made me feel guilty about complaining!

Bad customer service is when someone doesn't help you , just gives you a straight answer of no without even attempting to help you. What makes it worse is knowing that the person could of helped as you worked for this particular catalogue shop before and knew what route could of been taken to of helped me.

I was querying to a ex catalogue product which was still in the shop in a clearance sale, I had left my reservation number at home. I had told the woman this in between the screams and cries of Oli who wasn't happy to be in his pram and in a hot store. All I wanted was this gift that I had found online which would of been perfect for Oli's friend who was turning 1. She insisted I needed the reservation number which I repeatedly explained I had left at home. She could of easily helped me as the shop was quiet , she could of used a computer there to find the item , grabbed a old catalogue (it was cat launch day so they would of still had a old cat somewhere!) or even searched for my reservation on the computer .

If I wasn't so angry at this Woman's refusal to help me I would of asked for a manager but I just wanted to get out of the shop , of course after screaming & ranting on my way out that another shop was now getting my money.

The other half was genuinely shocked when we had left that shop at my reaction and how I had exploded after not getting what i wanted, but isn't good customer service everything these days.. Not just to get the sales but to be polite to another human being? It's just like opening a door for someone or giving up your seat. Shouldn't we go out of our way to help another human being?

No matter where you shop , even if it's online dont you expect to receive good customer service?

Have you got any experience of good/bad customer service? How does it leave you feeling when you experience either good or bad?